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The company that adds a special taste to communication with your customers.

Paprika is a production company that produces printed and digital magazine, brochures and booklets - producing business guides, setting up websites and managing their content, and also producing business events and professional seminars. Since its inception in 2007, Paprika has produced a range of original and creative products for its customers, while looking after the business interests of the companies and organizations with which it works for - elevating communicate with customers to the next level.

Paprika's Business Vision

Recognizing and understanding our customers' needs. Paprika produces content products, with our customers' business interests in mind. The products that Paprika produces are enhancing and resonating with our customers' business vision and are tailored to their needs, both in terms of content and visibility.

Original and diverse products to aid our customers meet their goals. Content is king! Paprika produces magazines, brochures and booklets - printed and digital - and interesting sites that are user-friendly. We provide relevant, enriching useful content that provides added value, constituting an important way to build a strong and positive relationship with customers.

The business guides we produce for Israel and for other countries provide readers with important and useful information.

The professional seminars and business events produced by Paprika bring customers closer to companies for which events are held, providing them with added value and creating moments that are hard to forget.

Attentive and professional service. Paprika provides attentive and efficient service, under the motto "We will do our maximum so that you do the minimum". The production of magazines, guides, websites and events / seminars are managed entirely by us, in complete coordination with the decision-makers of the client company.

In Israel and abroad. Paprika produces business guides for Israel and various countries around the world. The business guides we produce are in many languages (mainly in English and Hebrew, but even in Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese), and provide large, medium and small companies a vehicle through which they reach a focused audience.

The seminars and business events that we produce also help our overseas customers reach the Israeli business community and meet with leaders of the economy face-to-face. Press here to see some of Paprika’s projects.

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